About Robin

Coach Robin CLC, MCC, CLCI

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Founder and Chief Executive Instructor of Life Strategies NOW, LLC

As a Master Certified Life Coach and Life Coaching Training Instructor, Robin knows how to inspire audiences to recognize their inner greatness and proceeds with action steps to help them reinvent their businesses, careers, and lives.  She offers over a decade of experience as a Certified Life Strategist and a Business Coach.

As graduate of The Realtor Institute, with more than fifteen years of experience, she holds licensure in two states. She is skilled in investments, property ownership, and has partnered in several successful entrepreneurial ventures. She also has a heartbeat for the military and has had the honor of serving veterans and active duty. Moreover, she prides herself in customer service. Her motto is, “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.”

She is a sought after inspirational speaker, known as the Comeback Coach. Her message is one of empowerment, strength and positioning people to go from everyday living to phenomenal thriving. She encourages individuals who want to make a comeback from life’s hardships. She does what she does simply because it is her passion and calling in life.

For those, especially women, who have had adversity in their lives that resulted in having to start over and rebuild, Robin wants to use her influence and experiential knowledge to inspire, inform and encourage them. Not to mention, her down-to-earth, easy-going demeanor makes her a relatable coach who can bond with individuals from all walks of life.

“There was once a time when I needed to rebuild, but now I use my past experiences to spark that same flame of determination into others who want to see changes in their own lives. It is my humble honor to give back and it is with gratitude that I get the opportunity to serve.”